Photos updated Saturday, October 2016

Still image renderings of the Lodge as it would look when the project is completed with captioned descriptions for each image

Durango, Colorado

Project Financing Options:   Committee member Diann Long has contacted several financial institutions in order to help owners secure financing for special assessments when they are levied for the project. Click this link for a listing of these institutions, general terms and contact information.

Tamarron Association of Condominium Owners

Documents Review Committee Meeting Minutes ~ May 28, 2016

You can e-mail the committee at

Assessments Review Committee meeting minutes ~ June 23, 2016

Documents Review Committee Information

Household Exemption Policy survey comments

Lodge Remodel

Results of the Household Exemption Policy survey

Minutes of the Assessments Review Committee meeting of May 25, 2016

The links below are a compilation of the current Lodge Remodel project information.  The project was approved by Lodge Owners by a petition/vote completed on December 11, 2015 in accordance with Article 11.6 or TACO's DCCR's and the project received final approval by the TACO Board on February 12, 2016.  The project began on schedule on May 15, 2016.  The Project is 98% complete as of May 1, 2017 with only minor punch list items remaining to be done.

Committee Members:

     Jerry Kiuttu ~ Chairman

     John Lanius

     John Neibling

     Scott Stewart

     Gus von Bolschwing

Presentation given by the Assessments Review Committee at the Board of Directors meeting on May 27, 2016

Ever need to contact someone about a specific Homeowners Association subject?  The Board of Directors is a working Board and has established a listing of those committee chairmen and individual board members responsible for various ongoing and special tasks that are important to the routine functioning of TACO.  Click here to view the list.  All of the committees listed include additional owners at large.  If you have questions about a particular subject in the listing, contact that board member (contact info on the "Contact Us" page).  Also, if you have expertise in a subject listed and feel you may be willing and able to contribute in some way (we are always looking for volunteers),

please contact the board member indicated. 

Final "for bid" Detailed Design drawings for the Lodge Exterior Remodel Project.  This revised drawing set  contains 13 pages of drawings and specification for the project.

Welcome To The Mountains!

YouTube video of a 3D rendering of the current design of the Lodge exterior

Assessments Review Committee Report ~ September 7, 2016

Documents Review Committee Report ~ October 30, 2015

Committee Members:

     Jerry Kiuttu ~ Chairman

     Joe Carey

     Stan Hanson

     Rick Kues

     Gus von Bolschwing

Detailed project schedule, beginning May 15, 2016 and to projected completion on November 7, 2016.

Presentation given at the Assessments Review Committee meeting on April 21, 2016

Committees, Coordinators, & Liaisons

Assessments Review Committee Update ~ June 23, 2016

Assessments Review Committee Information

Documents Review Committee Meeting Minutes ~ July 9, 2016

Minutes of the Assessments Review Committee meeting of April 21, 2016