Tamarron Association of Condominium Owners

Annual GMA Water Quality for 2016

In accordance with state law, our drinking water supplier, Glacier Management Associates publishes and submits to all water users an annual report of the quality of our water.  Click here to view the most current report which covers calendar year 2015.  A hard copy of this report is also on file in our maintenance office in the Tamarron Lodge.

Tamarron's Relationship with Glacier Club
We, Tamarron, share numerous real estate boundaries with Glacier Club.  In fact most of our Association property is land locked inside the overall property boundaries of Glacier Club.  Many of our owners are members of Glacier Club and that number continues to grow.  Presently about 130 of our 280 or so owners hold memberships in Glacier Club ranging from Social to full Equity memberships encompassing access to the Valley Golf Course and clubhouse along with future pool/fitness facilities up to full membership in the Mountain Course and Clubhouse.  More information regarding memberships and how to join are in the links below.  We also have contractual agreements in place with Glacier covering Water, Sewer, Telephone and Internet services.  We currently receive our cable TV service from Glacier though not under a contractual agreement. 

​Glacier is currently in the process of renovating the old pool/fitness area, just to the south of our Lodge, into a new expanded state of the art facility.  Tamarron owners have the contractual right to membership in this facility which is projected to be open sometime next year (2018). As indicated above many owners have already opted in for membership.

​More information on Glacier Club and memberships can be viewed by clicking the links below:

Membership Information

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