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Keypad Lock Information

Tamarron is moving toward closing down the front desk operations. In order to accomplish this, we first need to change our method of accessing units. To that end, we will be moving away from the Onity card key locks, instead using either electronic keypad locks or regular deadbolt locks. This will be a somewhat complicated process with a number of moving parts, so we encourage owners to return to this page often for updates.

What happens to the existing locks?
If you currently have an Onity lock on your door, the hardware will remain in place, but the locking mechanism will be disabled. Thereafter, the Onity hardware will act only as a door handle.
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If you currently have ONLY an Onity lock on your door,
you will have 2 options:
1. Have a simple deadbolt lock installed and operate it with a hard key.
2. Have the keypad lock installed, described below.

If you currently have ONLY a deadbolt lock on your door,
you will have 2 options:
1. Keep the deadbolt and operate the lock with a hard key.
2. Upgrade to the keypad lock described below.

Overview of the keypad lock
The lock can be made to function 4 different ways:
1. The electronic keypad can be disabled and the lock can be operated with a hard key, like any other deadbolt lock. Used this way, the lock would not require batteries.
2. The keypad can be enabled, programmed, and operated at the lock itself. It would have no remote capabilities. Used this way, the lock would require batteries.
3. The keypad can be enabled and a wifi module installed inside of it. The module would connect to your wifi network, you would download the Yale app to your phone, and you would be able to program your lock remotely. Used this way, the lock would  require batteries.
4. You can opt to have a Z-wave module installed in the lock. This module would connect wirelessly to a hub inside your condo. The hub would connect to your wifi network, and can be used to control a variety of devices in your unit. Used this way, the lock would require batteries. This is the function used by many property management companies.
Vacation Rental Collective (VRC) will require this option for units that they manage.

In the event that you or your guest cannot unlock the lock using the keypad, a hard key can be kept in a lockbox (pictured left) next to the door. Guests would need to contact the property manager for access to the lockbox.

Property Managers and/or owners will be solely responsible for providing access to their units for their guests. There will be no front desk staff to facilitate this.
Installation Schedule
At the moment, we do not have a set schedule for the installation of the new locks. However, it will most likely happen during the months of October and November, when there are the fewest number of occupied units.

Information on the cost of the different options will be posted here as soon as it is available.
Frequently asked Questions

Can I buy and install my lock now, instead of waiting until the fall?
       No. All the locks are going to be purchased at the same time through the same vendor in order to assure uniformity and the best pricing. Plus, the locksmith will need to have all the locks together at one time in order to key them to the TACO master system.

Why do I need to have my lock keyed to the TACO master system?
       This is for safety and security reasons. If a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds in a unit, we need to have instant access to the unit. If water is seen leaking under a unit, as has happened a number of times in the past due to a failed water heater or supply line, we need to have instant access. In the case of a medical emergency, paramedics will need instant access. In all of these cases, there just isn't enough time to look for individual keys to units.

When and how will I get a new key to my keypad lock?
       As the locks are installed, the locksmith will make 2 new keys. Those keys will be brought to the office in the Lodge and kept in the appropriate lockbox. If you happen to be in your unit at the time, he will give one of them to you and bring the other to the office. If you are not on property at the time of installation, you can pick up a key when you arrive or make other arrangements to get it.
       If you currently have a deadbolt lock, and you plan to keep it, there is no need to have new keys made. The lock should already be keyed to the TACO master system.

When do I choose one of the 4 options for the keypad lock, and whom do I notify?
       An e-mail will be sent to all owners in the near future to address this issue.

Will the keypad lock require maintenance?
       If you choose to have a keypad lock, options 2, 3, and 4 (described above) require 4 AA batteries. These batteries should be changed every 6 months (every 3 months with heavy usage). Beyond that, no regular maintenance is required.

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