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Lodge Plumbing Information

To the left are links to videos of 7 of the 10 lateral drain lines exiting the Lodge. Below is a photo of a length of new 4" cast iron drain line with a rock that was found in one of the 4" laterals. It's unclear how this rock, along with others, got into the line. While it is the largest rock the Big Cat crew has had to clear out, it's pretty indicative of some of the problems they are encountering. 

Friday, March 22nd
Big Cat had hoped to be finished with the project today, which would have put them
almost 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Unfortunately, a problem with the southernmost line
leading out to the main drain has necessitated a few more days of work.
On Monday they will be excavating a 30-foot long, 8-foot deep trench which will border
three parking spaces for the Pool & Fitness area. Those spaces will be blocked off
for three or four days.
They will then cut out and remove a section of the cast iron line and replace it with PVC.
They expect to have the work completed, the trench backfilled, and the asphalt laid down
by Wednesday or Thursday.

Friday, March 29th
Big Cat finished replacing the section of drain pipe mentioned above on Monday and backfilled the trench on Wednesday. The paving company came today and did the asphalt work.
As of today, the Lodge plumbing project is completed.

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