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Tamarron will begin a multi-year project to replace the roofs in all four areas.

The first area to be addressed will be the Lodge, and that will begin in 2023.

Initially, the information on this page will primarily address the Lodge project, but will

include information regarding the outlying complexes as it becomes available.

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The next informational meeting regarding the roofing project will be held on


in the Lodge conference room. All owners are welcome to attend

either in person or online via Zoom.

Lodge Roofing Project Information

Monday, September 25th

  1. All of the architectural shingles have been installed.

  2. All of the gutters have been installed, with the exception of one section over the covered parking area.

  3. All of the hot edge has been installed, with the exception of one section on the northwest corner of the roof. That will be done this week.

  4. Most of the downspouts will be installed this week. Additional downspout work will continue through October 15th.

  5. The existing standing seam sections will be repaired and sealed this week.

  6. Parking restrictions in the Lodge parking lot have been lifted.

  7. The north deck is open, as well as the deck off Cliffside restaurant. The deck on the east side of the central tower remains closed.

  8. Owner storage is open.

Wednesday, October 11th

     1. The electrical crew is running cable in the gutters and downspouts today.

     2. One additional gutter and downspout over the covered parking area will be installed this week.

     3. One section of the metal standing seam on the east side remains to be sealed. This will happen this week also.

     4. This will complete all of the work covered by the Lodge roofing contract.

Monday, November 6th

      1. The gutter has been installed over the covered parking area.

      2. The electrical crew has begun terminating the wires in the gutters and downspouts. All of this work will be completed by 11/30.

      3. There will be no trenching in the parking lot for drainage of the meltwater. A better solution has been found which eliminates the need for cutting up the Lodge parking lot.

Monday, November 13th

       1. All of the gutters have been installed, as well as the drain line for the main downspout. The electricians will be terminating the wires this week.

Posted 9/29/2023

The photos below are courtesy of videographer and Tamarron owner, Matt Wayman.

Lodge Roof 2.jpg
Lodge Roof 3.jpg
Lodge Roof 1.jpg

Roofing Project Information for the Outlying Areas

The outlying complexes will be re-roofed in 2024 and 2025, although some units in Highpoint will be done this fall. The new roofs will be a 24 gauge standing seam metal roof. The color options came down to either medium bronze or dark bronze, and the medium version was chosen. You can see the two colors in the image to the right (color fidelity will depend on your device).
Standing seam - medium bronze_edited.jpg
Medium Bronze              Dark Bronze

Just as a point of reference, the roofs in the outlying areas will be very similar to that shown below. This photo is of the south end of the Lodge circa 2004, before it was torn down by Glacier Club.



Click here to see the assessment for each unit type in Highpoint and a payment schedule.

Monday, September 25th

First: Units 599-623

        1. Roofing work on these units will begin tomorrow, 9/26, with the tear-off of the shingles and installation of the ice and water shield.

        2. IMPORTANT: A number of units have gas fireplaces that vent through the roof. Others have had the fireplace removed, but the vent pipe still stands on the roof. If your unit currently has a gas fireplace that you plan to get rid of, this is the time to let us know. It is much quicker, easier, and more effective to remove the vent pipe, patch the roof, and then install the standing seam over it now, rather than to cut the standing seam to fit around the vent. For those units that have a vent pipe but no existing fireplace, the roofing crew will remove the vent, patch the roof and then roof over that area.

        3. Work on these units will go into December, or until the weather grinds it to a halt.

Second: All of Highpoint

        1. The remainder of the Highpoint roofs will be done next year, as soon as the weather permits.

        2. #2 above applies to ALL Highpoint units.

        3. There will be occasional parking restrictions, but they will be very local and short-lived (nothing like the Lodge).       

        4. Over the winter, we will work with the roofing company to put together a schedule for which buildings will be done at what time. Please understand that any schedule will be tentative and subject to a number of variables, the weather first among those.


Posted 9/29/2023

Monday, October 16th

      The roofing shingles on units 599 through 623 have been removed, and the ice and water shield has been put on the roofs. Metal for the new roofs will be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) along with the fabricating equipment, as the metal sheets for the standing seam roof will be fabricated on-site. Work will begin on Wednesday, and this will create some noise and commotion which should be contained in the northeast part of Highpoint. We strongly urge you to NOT park in front of those units.

         Weather permitting (a necessary caveat), they anticipate completing those units before Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 23rd

       Two units in the 599-623 sections have been completed.

       Snow bars, which are used to protect vent pipes from snow damage, are on the way.

       The roofing company still anticipates completing these units by Thanksgiving.

       Weather permitting, they plan to continue working on the northwest buildings into December.

Tuesday, October 31st

        Nearly all of the standing seam roof has been installed on units 599 thru 623. The remainder will be completed by this Friday. The flashing and snow bars will be installed in the following two weeks, and those roofs will be totally completed by Thanksgiving.

         Weather permitting, the revised plan is to then move to unit 550/551, begin the process there and move toward unit 564. The crew plans to work for as long as they can in order to complete Highpoint as early as possible next year. Despite the inconvenience, Highpoint is benefitting from getting so much of its roofing done during the current off season as well as next spring.

Monday, November 6th

        All of the standing seam panels have been installed on units 599 through 623. Snow bars and flashing will be installed this week.

        For logistical reasons, the crew performed the shingle tear-off on unit 598 and then laid down the ice and water shield. The standing seam panels will be installed on that unit in the next week or so.

        The crew will then move to unit 550/550 and proceed to the north for as long as the weather permits.

Monday, November 13th

        Change in plans: Instead of moving to the first building (units 550-564), for logistical reasons they have started on units 565-577. The tear-off of the old shingles is complete and the ice and water shield has been laid down. They plan to get this building done before the snow flies. 


Click here to see the assessment for each unit type in Pinecone and a payment schedule.

Roofing in Pinecone is tentatively scheduled to begin in the summer/fall of 2024. Information will be posted here as it becomes available.

Gamble Oak

Click here to see the assessment for each unit type in Gamble Oak and a payment schedule.

Roofing in Gamble Oak is tentatively scheduled to begin in the spring of 2025. Information will be posted here as it becomes available.

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