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Tamarron will begin a multi-year project to replace the roofs in all four complexes.

The first area to be addressed will be the Lodge, and that will begin in 2023.

Initially, the information on this page will primarily address the Lodge project, but will

include information regarding the outlying complexes as it becomes available.

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Lodge Roofing Project Information

Monday, December 11th

​        The Lodge roofing project has been completed. All of the gutters and downspouts have been installed, along with all of the hot edge and heating connections. The photo below shows the hot edge and gutters doing their jobs.

Hot edge.jpg

Roofing Project Information for the Outlying Areas

The outlying complexes will be re-roofed in 2024 and 2025, although some units in Highpoint will be done this fall. The new roofs will be a 24 gauge standing seam metal roof. The color options came down to either medium bronze or dark bronze, and the medium version was chosen. You can see the two colors in the image to the right (color fidelity will depend on your device).
Standing seam - medium bronze_edited.jpg
Medium Bronze              Dark Bronze

Just as a point of reference, the roofs in the outlying areas will be very similar to that shown below. This photo is of the south end of the Lodge circa 2004, before it was torn down by Glacier Club.



Click here to see the assessment for each unit type in Highpoint and a payment schedule.

Monday, September 25th

First: Units 599-623

        1. Roofing work on these units will begin tomorrow, 9/26, with the tear-off of the shingles and installation of the ice and water shield.

        2. IMPORTANT: A number of units have gas fireplaces that vent through the roof. Others have had the fireplace removed, but the vent pipe still stands on the roof. If your unit currently has a gas fireplace that you plan to get rid of, this is the time to let us know. It is much quicker, easier, and more effective to remove the vent pipe, patch the roof, and then install the standing seam over it now, rather than to cut the standing seam to fit around the vent. For those units that have a vent pipe but no existing fireplace, the roofing crew will remove the vent, patch the roof and then roof over that area.

        3. Work on these units will go into December, or until the weather grinds it to a halt.

Second: All of Highpoint

        1. The remainder of the Highpoint roofs will be done next year, as soon as the weather permits.

        2. #2 above applies to ALL Highpoint units.

        3. There will be occasional parking restrictions, but they will be very local and short-lived (nothing like the Lodge).       

        4. Over the winter, we will work with the roofing company to put together a schedule for which buildings will be done at what time. Please understand that any schedule will be tentative and subject to a number of variables, the weather first among those.

Posted 9/29/2023

Monday, October 16th

      The roofing shingles on units 599 through 623 have been removed, and the ice and water shield has been put on the roofs. Metal for the new roofs will be arriving tomorrow (Tuesday) along with the fabricating equipment, as the metal sheets for the standing seam roof will be fabricated on-site. Work will begin on Wednesday, and this will create some noise and commotion which should be contained in the northeast part of Highpoint. We strongly urge you to NOT park in front of those units.

         Weather permitting (a necessary caveat), they anticipate completing those units before Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 23rd

       Two units in the 599-623 sections have been completed.

       Snow bars, which are used to protect vent pipes from snow damage, are on the way.

       The roofing company still anticipates completing these units by Thanksgiving.

       Weather permitting, they plan to continue working on the northwest buildings into December.

Tuesday, October 31st

        Nearly all of the standing seam roof has been installed on units 599 thru 623. The remainder will be completed by this Friday. The flashing and snow bars will be installed in the following two weeks, and those roofs will be totally completed by Thanksgiving.

         Weather permitting, the revised plan is to then move to unit 550/551, begin the process there and move toward unit 564. The crew plans to work for as long as they can in order to complete Highpoint as early as possible next year. Despite the inconvenience, Highpoint is benefitting from getting so much of its roofing done during the current off season as well as next spring.

Monday, November 6th

        All of the standing seam panels have been installed on units 599 through 623. Snow bars and flashing will be installed this week.

        For logistical reasons, the crew performed the shingle tear-off on unit 598 and then laid down the ice and water shield. The standing seam panels will be installed on that unit in the next week or so.

        The crew will then move to unit 550/551 and proceed to the north for as long as the weather permits.

Monday, November 13th

        Change in plans: Instead of moving to the first building (units 550-564), for logistical reasons they have started on units 565-577. The tear-off of the old shingles is complete and the ice and water shield has been laid down. They plan to get this building done before the snow flies. 

Monday, December 11th

        The standing seam metal panels have been installed on units 565 through 574. There are a few details to be completed this week, and that will most likely button up the project for the winter.

Highpoint enlarged copy.jpg

Friday, February 16th

       Due to the fact that we're having some good weather, and since there is no significant snow on the horizon, Higher Ground Roofing is back on property working on Units 550-564. They hope to continue working as long as the weather holds. This should give us a good head start on the project for the spring.

550-564 02.jpg
550-564 03.jpg
550-564 01.jpg

Friday, February 23rd

       In order to take advantage of the location of the construction dumpster at the south end of Highpoint, as well as the good weather, the crew has expanded its work to

Units 643-651. They will be putting down the metal panels starting next week. Again, they plan to continue as long as the weather holds.

651 02.jpg
651 01.jpg
651 03.jpg

Monday, February 26th

       The roofers will continue work this week and next, up through March 9th. They will then take two weeks off during Spring Break, resuming work the week of March 25th. Again, all of this is weather dependent.

Monday, March 4th

       The roofing crew will be working through this Friday, March 8th (not the 9th as stated above). They expect to have the metal paneling down on units 643-651 and 550-554. They will then take two weeks off during Spring Break and, weather permitting (always the case), they will resume work on Monday, March 25th. They hope to have Highpoint completed near the beginning of July.

Tuesday, April 9th

       The standing seam panels have been installed on units 550 thru 574. Detail work on those buildings will be done this week and next. 

       The roofing shingles on units 643 to 651 have been torn off and the ice and water shield has been put down. The crew will begin installing the metal panels on those units sometime next week.

       At this time, they still expect to be finished in Highpoint sometime in the first half of July. Again, all of this is weather dependent.

Monday, April 15th

       The crew will be working on units 590 through 597 this week, as well as units 575, 576, and 577. They will be tearing the shingles off of these units and laying down the ice and water shield. They expect to resume installing the standing seam panels this week as well.

Monday, April 22nd

       The roofing crew expects to have the tear-off completed and the ice and water shield down on units 550 through 623 and units 643 though 651 by the end of this week. Metal panels have already been installed on units 550 through 574, and 599 through 623. Metal sheets will be arriving on Wednesday, May 1st, and installation will begin immediately on units 575 through 598. With the melting of ice and snow on the east side of units 624 through 642, work should begin on those units mid- to late-May, with only detail work to be completed on the other units. They still expect to be finished in Highpoint by early to mid-July.

Monday, April 29th

       The shingle tear-off and ice and water shield installation is complete in all of Highpoint. A number of sheets of OSB had to be replaced on the east side, as well as some 2"x6" fascia boards due to prolonged exposure to water over the years. Cleanup of the area and installation of the metal roof panels will continue this week on units 578 through 589.

Monday, May 6th

       See the map below to view the progress in Highpoint so far. Installation or the metal panels will progress from unit 624 through 651 this week and next. Higher Ground roofing still anticipates completing Highpoint sometime by the middle of July.

Highpoint 2024-05-06.jpg

Monday, May 13th
       Last week's wind slowed the installation of the metal roof panels, as they can act as kites when the wind picks up. Nevertheless, the crew finished 624/625, and completed detail work on many units that have already had the roof panels installed. This includes work around plumbing and fireplace vents, installing bird spikes, etc. Installation of the metal panels will resume this week on units 626 through 642.

Monday, May 20th
       All of the metal panels are down on the roofs from unit 550 through about unit 638. The remaining units, 639 through 651 will have the standing seam panels installed by Friday, May 31st. At that point, there will only be four weeks of detail work to finish in Highpoint. Everything should be completed by 4th of July weekend.


Click here to see the assessment for each unit type in Pinecone and a payment schedule.

       The roofing project in Pinecone will begin the week of April 1st (yes, that’s ahead of schedule), starting with units 867-873. Getting these units done as soon as possible will give Pinecone owners a good idea what each building will look like when completed. The tentative plan after that is to move to units 801/802 and work northward along the west side of Pinecone. This is subject to change, and we will keep you updated as the project progresses.

Tuesday, April 9th

       The roofing shingles on units 867 through 873 were torn off last week and the ice and water shield was laid down. In a change of plans, the crew continued moving south to units 866 to 864, tearing off the shingles and installing the ice and water shield. They plan to continue heading on that direction, and to have the ice and water shield installed on units 863 through 849 by the end of next week.

       One issue that has been noticed in a couple units in Pinecone is that the vibrations of the tear-off has caused some dust and dirt to fall from the ceiling. This is not in all units, and it’s not a huge problem. It will just require some vacuuming and dusting when the job is completed in any given unit. If any owner would like, we have a large number of bedsheets that have been stored in a closet for a number of years that can be used to cover furniture and bedding. An owner or housekeeper can pick them up at Allisa’s and Gary’s office.

Monday, April 15th

       The tear-off of the roofing shingles has progressed nicely, with units 873 through 853 completed, and the crew is now working units 852 through 841. They expect to have the ice and water shield down on those units by this Friday. 

       The crew has found a couple of places where the T&G over the back decks has rotted due to the ice dams that have built up year after year. Where that has happened, the T&G is being replaced and will be painted when time permits.

Monday, April 22nd

       The tear-off of the shingles and laying of the ice and water shield has progressed from unit 873 through 844, and they expect to finish through unit 833 this week. With delivery of metal sheets on Wednesday, May 1st, installation of the standing seam panels will begin shortly afterward. 

       A walk-through of the entire complex has identified certain areas where the T&G has deteriorated over the back decks due to water infiltration. In some cases, individual boards can be replaced; in others, larger areas of T&G will need to be replaced. All of these issues are being addressed before the metal panels are being installed.

       The very good news is that Ross expects to be finished in Pinecone early to mid-September.       

Monday, April 29th

       The tear-off of the shingles and laying down of the ice and water shield is complete from unit 873 around the south end of Pinecone and up through unit 833. Repair/replacement of the T&G in those areas of deterioration has started. The tear-off will continue this week on units 826 through 832.

Monday, May 6th

       See the map below to view the progress made in Pinecone so far. Work will continue on the northeast side, units 832 through 826, tearing off the shingles and installing the ice and water shield. Ross still expects to be finished at Pinecone by mid-September.

Pinecone 2024-05-06.jpg

Monday, May 13th
       The tear-off of the roofing shingles and installation of the ice and water shield has been completed through unit 823. The crew is going to stop there in order to start laying the standing seam metal panels, beginning at unit 873. 
       One thing to keep in mind is that cars will need to be removed from the undercover parking areas while the roofing crews are working there. There is just too much liability involved otherwise. This will probably happen in the next 2-3 weeks, and you will be given notice beforehand.
       Again, Ross expects completion of the Pinecone roofing in early to mid-September.

Monday, May 20th
       The tear-off of the shingles and installation of the ice and water shield is complete from unit 873 through unit 819. Units 801 through 818 will have this work done after the Memorial Day weekend. Installation of the metal panels will begin on June 3rd at unit 873 and work counter-clockwise around the complex. Repairs of the rotted T&G boards has been completed by BHP, and painting of the underside of those repairs will occur once the entire project is complete. Again, this is anticipated to be around the beginning of September. 

Gamble Oak

Click here to see the assessment for each unit type in Gamble Oak and a payment schedule.

       With work progressing so well in Highpoint and Pinecone, Ross expects to begin work in Gamble Oak sometime in September. Look for updates on this page as we get closer to that time.

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