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Durango, Colorado

Tamarron Association of

Condominium Owners


Tamarron Guest Information

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Phone Numbers

To call the Service/Security Desk dial "0" or 970-259-2000

Pool & Fitness ~ 970-382-7874

           Open 6am - 9pm; hours may vary

           They have towels; please do not bring condo towels.

Valley Golf Shop ~ 970-382-7851

For other Tamarron units, dial 8 plus the unit number

To make outside calls:

          1. Dial 9 for an outside line

          2. For local calls, dial the 7-digit number

          3. For long distance calls, dial 1-Area Code-7-digit number

Wifi Internet Access

"TamarronPublic" network ~ No password necessary

Guest Service Areas ~ Trash, Vending, Ice, Laundry

Lodge ~ Central Tower, Floors 2 thru 5

Highpoint ~ Building in the center of the parking lot

Gamble Oak ~ Building near the south end of the parking lot

Pinecone ~ Building on west side of parking lot near Unit 807


Towing Services

Tamarron does NOT have a towing service. If you get stuck in the snow or your car breaks down,

you can call one of these numbers.

Basin Towing & Repair ................ 970-247-2444

Bo Dean's Towing ......................... 970-375-6221

Lucky Few Towing ....................... 970-880-4323

McKnight's Towing ....................... 970-247-4447

Purgatory Chains ......................... 970-462-7645

Some Useful Links

Grocery Stores

PJ's Gourmet Market ~ 8 miles south at Trimble Crossing

City Market ~ 15 miles south at US 550 and 32nd Street

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Linda Logan



Rental Property Information

Our Service/Security desk serves as a hub for all check-ins, and it is open 24/7.

We can also assist with maintenance requests or general information ~ just dial "0".

For specific condo questions or concerns, follow these steps:

For bookings made with:                                               Call:

Vacation Rental Collective                                          970-749-4820

Vacasa                                                                           970-769-1990 or 855-910-9933

Redcliff Rentals                                                           970-799-4673

Durango Colorado Vacations                                     970-247-4292

If you booked through a VRBO/AirBNB type of website, contact the owner/manager with whom you corresponded when making your reservation.

Condo Care and Troubleshooting

1. Please be sure not to flush handiwipes or feminine products down the toilet drains.

2. If your unit phone is not working, and if it is a corded hotel phone, be sure the button for Line 1 is pushed.

3. If an outlet does not appear to be working, check the bottom plug. The top plugs are very often controlled by a wall switch.

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