Scott Gillen - President - Scott and his wife Jeanette live in Houston, Texas, and own units in both Gamble Oak and the Lodge. Scott currently acts as the Board laison to the Rental Program.

Rick Kues -  Vice President - Rick and his wife Carla live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and own a unit in High Point.  Rick will be assisting in the functions and responsibilities of the Treasurer, as well as chairing the Architectural Review Committee.

Ron MacLennan - Ron and his wife, Sharyl, live in Sugar Land, Texas, where Ron is a retired police captain.  Ron and Sharyl own a unit in the Lodge, and Ron currently chairs the Rules and Regulations Committee. 

Eric Tibbetts - Eric and his wife Susan live in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and own two units in Pinecone. Eric is the Board liaison for the Pool/Fitness facility and manages our Long Term Asset Replacement Program.

Boyd Hodges - Boyd has been a full time resident in Pinecone since 2006. He is Chairman of the Board of First State Bank of Colorado in Denver, and has been CEO of banks in Durango from 2006 until 2015.  He has extensive knowledge of the Durango community, and takes part in many civic activities.  Boyd is a Board liaison for the Pool/Fitness facility.

Kathy Puglise - Kathy and her husband Paul live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she is a Registered Nurse and works as a clinical educator for a large medical device company. Paul and Kathy own 2 units in Pinecone, and frequent Tamarron on a year-round basis. Kathy is the Board liaison for the restaurant.

Greg Collins - Greg is from the Kemah/League City area of Texas, where he served as Mayor and Mayor Pro-tem for 16 years, as well as two years on the Water Control & Improvement District #12. He originally purchased his unit in Highpoint in 1994, and Tamarron is where his boys Christopher and Dylan learned to ski, snowboard, flyfish, hike, camp, and golf. Greg will be spearheading our negotiations on the water and sewer contract with Glacier Club.

Board Appointed Officers

Joe Carey - Former Board member and TACO President, Joe is now serving Tamarron as the Board-appointed Treasurer. Joe and his wife Sue live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and own units in Pinecone and Highpoint. They are both golfers and spend most of their summers at Tamarron as well as frequent trips during the winter for skiing.  Joe also is serving as a consultant to the Board on a variety of HOA matters.

John Neibling - Former Board member and TACO President, John is now serving Tamarron as the Board-appointed Secretary. John and his wife Karen also live in Scottsdale, Arizona, and own a unit in Pinecone.