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In accordance with CRS 38-33.3-317(3.5) which became effective on August 6, 2014, TACO owners must provide written permission for their name and contact information to be listed in the directory on this website.  Pursuant to that new law, the directory posted hereon shows listings only for owners who have submitted that permission, in writing to TACO.  If you wish to have your contact information listed here, please fill out the form provided on the HOA Documents page.

This page is intended only for Tamarron owners, employees and providers of certain professional services to TACO.

The owner directory accessible from this page is password protected for the security of the personal information of our owners contained therein.  TACO does not furnish owners lists to third parties for marketing or any other commercial purpose.  Any release of the information contained in the owner directory to unauthorized third parties is a violation of TACO policy.  The password is distributed by email to all owners who have provided their email address and will be changed periodically to maintain security of the owner directory.  If you have not received the password, please email

This owner directory can be viewed, saved and printed by owners on their own computers.  This is the only method of distribution of owner listings used by TACO.  Bulk distribution of hard copy listings ended with the publication of the 2007 directory.  Unlike paper directories that become outdated shortly after publication, this directory will be updated frequently in order to remain current.  Owners should check and verify that their address, phone numbers and email address are current.  Please report any discrepancies to

The directory is published in two versions.  There is a listing organized by owner last name in alphabetical order followed by a listing by unit number in numerical order.  Both listings are contained within a single file.

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