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The purpose of this page is to provide a venue for owners looking to sell some of the items that no longer fit in their units, either physically or aesthetically. In order to post items on this page, you must provide:

Photo of the item(s)

Asking price (if any)

Brief description of the item(s)

Contact information, either phone or e-mail address

E-mail the above information to Gary Prisby at and it will be posted

at the earliest opportunity. Anyone interested in purchasing an item on this page must contact the owner directly. TACO will not be involved in any transactions. Likewise, buyers/sellers will need to work out the transfer of all items, including furniture. TACO staff will not move any furniture.


2008 Volvo - $5,000

  • S80 Turbo

  • About 110k miles (I think it is 106 but around there)

  • Blue exterior

  • Cream leather interior

  • We are the second owners, have done all the maintenance and have simply outgrown it

  • It is being stored in Durango and is available for anyone to go look at or test drive, it is licensed in Colorado

  • Questions to Brandon at 612-310-3581

Headwaters of the Colorado River.jpg

Headwaters of the Colorado River

Original Lithograph ~ 32 colors

Image size ~ 22x26

Paper size ~ 22x26

Deckled edge

Number ~ 145/375

Perfect condition ~ never framed

Stored flat


Summer Moonrise in the Northern Rockies.jpg

Summer Moonrise in the

Northern Rockies

Original Lithograph ~ 16 colors

Image size ~ 16x20

Paper size ~ 16x20

Deckled edge

Number ~ 105/275

Perfect condition ~ never framed

Stored flat


Russell Chatham 2.jpg

Russell Chatham

Click here to learn more about Russell Chatham

Amado Pena 2.jpg

Amado M. Pena, Jr.

Click here to learn more about Amado Pena

Amado Pena -- Mestizo Series - Regalo del Venado.jpg

Mestizo Series - Regalo del Venado

Original serigraph

Image size ~ 22x18

Paper size ~ 26x22

Number ~ 22/40

Perfect condition

Never framed

Stored flat


Amado Pena -- Colchas y Ollas.jpg

Colchas y Ollas

Original serigraph

Image size ~ 39x12

Paper size ~ 43x15

Number ~ 31/40

Perfect condition

Never framed

Stored flat


Matinee Memory.jpg
Michael Jacques.jpg
Michael Jacques's paintings, etchings, and serigraphs have been widely praised and exhibited in cities like Cambridge, Miami, Washington, D.C., and Santa Barbara.
As an Associate Professor of Fine Art at Emmanuel College in Boston, he taught drawing and painting and appeared in more that 40 one-man exhibitions.
His works are part of the permanent collections of institutions such as the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, the United States House of Representatives, and the Smithsonian Institution's National Collection of American Art.

Matinee Memory

Michael Jacques

Original etching

Image size ~ 14x12

Paper size ~ 21x17

Number ~ 14/100

Excellent condition

Previously framed

Stored flat


For any of these pieces, contact Gary Prisby

2 Solid wood chairs

Good condition

Missing 1 rubber boot


31" Emerson television

Coax and RCA input jacks

3 HDMI ports

1 USB port

Remote (remote will operate all functions except Power On;

Yes, it's odd)

All of these items are FREE.

Contact Gary Prisby at 970-382-6739


Monitor 3.jpg
Monitor 4.jpg
Monitor 2.jpg
Monitor 1.jpg

Sony 17" Monitor

VGA input only

Power and VGA cords included

Four monitors ~ FREE

Contact Gary Prisby 


All of these monitors are in working condition.

Some small scratches and blemishes.

These would work fine as a smaller

second monitor for a computer.

HP 20" Monitor

VGA and DVI inputs

Power cord included

Dell 17" Monitor

VGA input only

Power and VGA cords included

Dell 17" Monitor

VGA input only

Power and VGA cords included

Over the years, TACO has accumulated quite a bit of furniture, as well as other items.

Some of this has always belonged to TACO, while some has been given to us by owners.

In some cases, items have simply shown up on our doorstep without any explanation.

Some of these pieces show more wear than others, but all are perfectly serviceable.

Instead of just tossing them away, we're going to post them in this space and give them to any owner who would like them at no charge. If, after a time, there is no interest, we will contact and donate them to the Humane Society. Return to this space occasionally, as we will be posting more items as they are discovered. If you see an item of interest, contact:

Gary Prisby     970-382-6739

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