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The purpose of this page is to provide a venue for owners looking to sell some of the items that no longer fit in their units, either physically or aesthetically. In order to post items on this page, you must provide:

Photo of the item(s)

Asking price (if any)

Brief description of the item(s)

Contact information, either phone or e-mail address

E-mail the above information to Gary Prisby at and it will be posted

at the earliest opportunity. Anyone interested in purchasing an item on this page must contact the owner directly. TACO will not be involved in any transactions. Likewise, buyers/sellers will need to work out the transfer of all items, including furniture. TACO staff will not move any furniture.


Gorham Cherrywood Crystal

12 claret wine glasses

2 cordial glasses

Never used. Mint condition.  $300


David Marsh original: functional "art chair"

with Native American blanket pillow

$200 with pillow 

(orig $600 chair & $150 pillow)


Rustic wood & iron coffee table

(functional art)

31" x 39" 


Antique Art Deco

4-drawer chest



Electric faux fireplace & credenza

(Holds 50" TV on top)

Approximately 47" wide x 15" deep × 33.5" tall

Excellent heat. Remote control.

$200     (originally $600)

Middle: electric faux log heater insert

Upper shelf for DVR, etc & wire holes in back

Either side: upper small drawer with cabinet below,

one shelf

For all these items, contact Diane Embry at

Monitor 3.jpg
Monitor 4.jpg
Monitor 2.jpg
Monitor 1.jpg

Sony 17" Monitor

VGA input only

Power and VGA cords included

Four monitors ~ FREE

Contact Gary Prisby 


All of these monitors are in working condition.

Some small scratches and blemishes.

These would work fine as a smaller

second monitor for a computer.

HP 20" Monitor

VGA and DVI inputs

Power cord included

Dell 17" Monitor

VGA input only

Power and VGA cords included

Dell 17" Monitor

VGA input only

Power and VGA cords included

Over the years, TACO has accumulated quite a bit of furniture, as well as other items.

Some of this has always belonged to TACO, while some has been given to us by owners.

In some cases, items have simply shown up on our doorstep without any explanation.

Some of these pieces show more wear than others, but all are perfectly serviceable.

Instead of just tossing them away, we're going to post them in this space and give them to any owner who would like them at no charge. If, after a time, there is no interest, we will contact and donate them to the Humane Society. Return to this space occasionally, as we will be posting more items as they are discovered. If you see an item of interest, contact:

Gary Prisby     970-382-6739

Page Coleman     970-382-7886


Chair on wheels

Rolls very easily

This chair is very low,

and may be best suited for a child.


2 cushioned chairs

Dated, but in good condition.


Desk chair on wheels.

Comfortable but worn.

May best be suited for a workshop setting.

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