The purpose of this page is to provide a venue for owners looking to sell some of the items that no longer fit in their units, either physically or aesthetically. In order to post items on this page, you must provide:

Photo of the item(s)

Asking price (if any)

Brief description of the item(s)

Contact information, either phone or e-mail address

E-mail the above information to Gary Prisby at and it will be posted

at the earliest opportunity. Anyone interested in purchasing an item on this page must contact the owner directly. TACO will not be involved in any transactions. Likewise, buyers/sellers will need to work out the transfer of all items, including furniture. TACO staff will not move any furniture.

Goebel - grill 01.jpg
Goebel - grill 02.jpg

Charbroil Electric Grill

Cover included

Excellent condition


Call Sue Goebel: 608-658-0542


Owner looking to sell one of the two chairs above (back reclines), and the chair below.

Call or e-mail Kira Schuster


Luan - 01.jpg

Entertainment Center

Approximately 7' by 9'

Television included

Free ~ Just bring a truck and some friends to help move it!

Call Pete Luan: 713-515-7231