Durango, Colorado

Tamarron Association of

Condominium Owners

Annual Owners Meeting ~ 2019

Schedule of Events


Thursday, September 5th           New Owners Meeting

            8:30 am                             Lodge Conference Room


            9:00 am                            Executive Board Meeting

                                                       Lodge Conference Room

           6:30 pm                              Owners Reception

                                                       Lodge Restaurant


Friday, September 6th                Annual Owners Meeting      

           10:00 am                           Prospector Hall                                                                                    Valley Clubhouse


           12:00 noon                        Sotheby's Realty Hot Dog Lunch

                                                      Lodge Parking Lot

           6:30 pm                             Golf Pairings Party

                                                      Lodge Restaurant


Saturday, September 7th           TACO Golf Tournament

           10:00 am                            Valley Golf Course  

                                                      19th Hole Party

                                                      Lodge Restaurant

                                                      Immediately after the Tourney

Official Notice of Meeting

Agenda for Board Meeting 9/5

Agenda for Owners Meeting 9/6 

Proxy Instructions

2018 Owners Meeting Minutes with attachments

TACO Golf Tournament Information

Board Candidates

Ron MacLennan Resume

Kathy Puglise Resume

Ken Stone Resume