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Television, Phone, and Internet service at Tamarron



        1. The phone number for any unit at Tamarron is 970-375-8XYZ, where XYZ is the unit number.

          2. To dial a unit number from any other unit, simply dial 8 followed by the 3-digit unit number.

                         To call Allisa Oliger, dial 6717.

                         To call Gary Prisby, dial 6739.

                         To call Maintenance, dial 6740.

          3. To dial a number outside Tamarron, dial 9 for an outside line, followed by the number you wish to call.

          4. Long distance calling to the U.S. and Canada is included in our phone service. See note below.

          5. We want to make sure every unit has an operating house phone. See note below.

          6. If you have one of the standard hotel phones and you cannot get a dial tone or answer an incoming call:

     First: Make sure that the Line 1 button is pushed. This is far and away the most common problem.

     Second: Make sure that the phone cord is plugged into the port on the back of the phone, not on the side.

     Third: Make sure the other end of the phone cord is plugged into a phone jack in the wall.

     Last: Call maintenance at 970-382-6740.



           Your voicemail service must first be initialized by Ting Internet. To do so, e-mail and tell them that you're part of the Tamarron Condominiums in Durango, Colorado, as well as your unit number. You will be given instructions for completing the setup.

           Connecting to the system for the first time:

                  1. Dial *98 from the line voicemail is being created on.

                  2. Record your name when prompted.

                  3. Record your greeting when prompted.

                  4. Enter a password when prompted.

           Connecting to the system afterwards:

                  1. Dial *98

                  2. Enter your password followed by #.

                  3. Follow the prompts to listen to your voice messages.

         Click here for a full description of the voicemail system, as well as other features of the phone service.


A note about phones

A number of owners have disconnected their house phones, feeling that their cell phones provide

adequate communication service. This is true when an owner wishes to call the front desk or maintenance,

but not when the front desk or maintenance needs to contact a guest or owner when he/she is on property.

Looking up cell phone numbers for multiple guests and/or owners is time-consuming at the least and next to impossible under certain circumstances (we do not keep a database of contact information that is available to more than a few staff members).  

And of course, the 416 Fire in June of 2018 highlighted the need for timely and efficient emergency notifications.

Unfortunately, the old corded hotel phones aren’t particularly user-friendly (so 1980’s!), and our new phone service does not have the blinking light which indicates you have a message waiting. So here is a suggestion:

        1. Purchase a cordless telephone/answering machine from Office Depot, Walmart, or your favorite online                      store. Depending on the size of your condo, you may want a one, two, or three handset system (2-handset                  Panasonic system is about $55-$60 on Amazon; this is not a product endorsement).

        2. Plug the base unit/answering machine into the wall jack, and place the other handset(s) in a convenient                    location.

        3. This is important: Program the answering machine to pick up after 2 rings. Our property-wide voice                        messaging system picks up after 3-4 rings, so this will insure that your answering machine will pick up                      before it does. This means that all of your voice messages will be on your answering machine, which will                  have a visual cue that you have a message waiting, and you won’t have to use the property-wide system at all.

An additional advantage of the unit land lines is FREE long-distance calling

to all 50 states and Canada (see below for dialing instructions to Canada). And with cell phone reception often

being problematic here in the mountains, the land line means no dropped calls on your end!

To call Canada:

1. Dial 9 - 1 - Area Code - Number

2. When you hear a dial tone, dial 1-9-7-4.



          1. The wireless access point (AP; see photo below) in each unit has 2 networks associated with it:

                    a) The Tamarron Public network is an unsecured network that is open for all residents to use.

                    b) Owners can set up their own private network on the AP by following the directions below. This                                   network will not show up on your device(s) until you have set it up with Ting Internet.

          2. If you're connecting to the wireless network, your speeds should be somewhere between 50-150 mbps 

                         upload and download. Remember that YMMV depending on your device, whether you have other                             devices on your network, and other factors. One owner has reported speeds of 190/169 mbps                                       download and upload.​ Click on any of the 4 links below to perform a speed test on your network.

          3. If (and this is a big IF):

                  a. Your wireless access point is installed in a convenient location (primarily in the outlying areas), and IF

                  b. Your device (desktop, laptop, printer, television, Amazon Fire box, etc.) has an ethernet port, and IF

                  c. You want to take full advantage of the speed of the new system, and IF

                  d. You don’t mind having another cord, then

                  e. Using an ethernet cable, you can direct-wire your device into the right-hand port of the wireless                                         access point, found on the bottom edge.

                  f. If you have multiple devices that you would like to direct-wire into the system, purchase a 1 GB                                         switch, plug it into the right-hand port of the wireless access point, and then plug your devices                                     into the switch. (Do NOT plug your phone into the switch or wireless access point; your phone                                   should be plugged into a telephone wall jack.)


                   1. Your device (this can be a very large factor)

                   2. How many devices are connected to your network

                   3. Distance from your wireless access point

                   4. Obstacles in the way of your wireless signal, if you're connecting wirelessly

                   5. Time of day (how many other people are on the system)

                   6. Other factors as well


          1. Between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, call Ting Internet at


          2. Tell the tech you're from Tamarron, as well as your name and unit number. The SSID (network name) for                       your private network will be "Unit XYZ".

          3. Tell the tech the password you would like on your private network. Passwords should be at least 8                                     characters long (alpha-numeric). While passwords are always case-sensitive, there is no requirement                           regarding upper or lower case letters as part of your password.

          4. Generally, it only takes a few minutes for your private network to become active. However, it could take                           up to several hours.


        We have removed the old equipment (modem, router, switch, ATA) from most of the units. If any of this equipment is still in your unit, you may keep it, drop it off in the maintenance office at your convenience, or discard it altogether. 

Wireless access point.jpg

Click on any of the links below to perform

a speed test on your device and network.

Wireless Access Point



Our television service is a DirecTV feed which we purchase through Groove Entertainment, which is based in

Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a single "hospitality account", rather than individual accounts for each owner.

This carries with it certain major advantages, and a few minor disadvantages.

These are all addressed in the FAQ's below.

We strongly encourage everyone to click on the FAQ's link and read the associated file.

It will answer a host of questions before they are asked.

If you wish to have a DVR rather than the standard receiver box, 

we have some available at a one-time cost of $225.


        1. Once again, we strongly encourage everyone to read the FAQ's file below. It contains a number of                                     troubleshooting tips.

        2. There will be times when the signal is interrupted due to the weather. This is simply the nature of getting a                      satellite feed in the mountains. Generally, these don't last very long, but they are impossible to predict.                     However, if you are getting the "inclement weather" message on a sunny day, there is probably some                         other problem that needs to be addressed.

        3. If you are having problems between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, you can call the Groove tech support line at                           801-994-3642. Outside those hours, call DirecTV at 877-389-5372.

Click here to view the television channels we are now receiving.

Click here to view the music channels we are now receiving.

Remote and Troubleshooting Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for setting up your own list of Favorites

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