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To develop and periodically update a comprehensive Plan for approval by the TACO Executive Board to upgrade and maintain the community’s grounds and landscaping to a level that is pleasing to Tamarron owners and guests. The Plan will equally consider the ongoing sustainability of landscaping while addressing the challenges of the mountain environment, water and irrigation requirements, safety and limited landscaping staff according to the Priorities listed, and Action Items described, in the Plan. 

TACO Landscape Committee Members



Mark Pelizza (Gamble Oak)

Mandy Magill (Gamble Oak)

Lynnette Thibodeaux (Pinecone)

Rich Wiltz (Highpoint)

Pat Penton (Lodge)

Margaret Mayer (Highpoint)                             


Allisa Oliger

Executive Board

Greg Collins 

Landscape FAQ's

Landscape Committee Plan

Highpoint Landscape Proposal

The next meeting of the Landscape Committee will take place in the spring of 2023.

Tamarron owners are welcome to attend.

In the meantime, any updates will be sent to owners and Committee members via e-mail.

The links to the left are from the LSC meeting of Tuesday, August 2nd. One is a link to the Zoom meeting (lasting 1:37:00), and the second is to Darrin Parmenter's presentation to the committee. This meeting proved to be a real eye-opener in terms of our understanding of the water challenges we will be facing in the years to come. We encourage all owners to take the time to view this video in order to understand the landscaping future of Tamarron.

Highpoint Landscape Project

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