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The Tamarron Association of Condominium Owners, affectionately known as TACO, was established in June 1974. Tamarron is a condominium complex located approximately 18 miles north of Durango, Colorado, just east of US Highway 550. Tamarron is the largest single homeowners association in La Plata County, comprising 380 individually owned condominium units. At present there are 308 owner/members of the Association, many of whom own two or more units, hailing from 31 different states.

The purposes of this website are:

* Timely and effective paperless communication of TACO news and events to owners (click the "News and Events" link).

* A resource for owners, realtors, and title companies to view and print our HOA governing documents, financial reports, and minutes of meetings of the owners and Board of Directors (click the "HOA Documents" link).

* A resource for owners to find out how to contact Association staff, other owners, and important functions that provide services to TACO (click the "Owner Listing" or "Contact Us" links).

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